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This site is meant to be a resource for manual transmission enthusiasts, and is constantly being updated / enhanced. If you're looking for a car, but not sure what comes in stick or you just want to check out other people's cars - Search below!

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If you're in the central CT area, and you have a car you want me (Jason) to review, please contact me here.

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About the Site

If you've gone searching for a manual car in recent years, especially in the US, you know that they're getting harder and harder to find.

The first question is "What's out there?" and I'm hoping that this site can help to answer that question, as we all add our cars to the site.

There's a chance that the car you want is far away or, if it's new, it requires a special order. So hopefully we can create a conversation around what's worth pursuing, even if it takes a plane flight or a transporter truck.

We're not all looking for cars all the time though, so check out other people's cars in the meantime, and keep people updated on mods and DIY projects.

Rome wasn't built in a day. By one guy. With a day job. And small kids. So I appreciate the patience, as the updates roll out.

In the pipeline:

  • Commenting on cars / interaction
  • direct messaging
  • buy / sell trade
  • YouTube / video reviews
  • engine info
  • VIN lookup
  • forums for DIY projects or mods or learning stick.
  • "prettier" user interface

Want to request a feature or report a problem? Shoot me a message.

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