Honda Civic Sport
Rating: 7 / 10
Power (hp):
Torque (lb-ft):
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The interior: It's pretty basic, but looks decently refined inside. It's got stardard cloth seats that are comfortable enough for a dialy commute. It's got plenty of room compared to the other hatchbacks I've been driving (other than the Type R of course). I could surely fit both child seats in the back and my wife (5'7") in the front. The infotainment has a similar sort of aggressive-looking red for all of the touch screen components, which I dont particularly like.

The tech: Typical Andoid Auto, Apple CarPlay. Plus it's a Honda, so it has every imaginable safety feature, including a very annoying blindspot camera. I understand the point of it, and I'm sure it's helpful in revealing things you may miss in your blindspot, and it keeps your eyes forward. But having your infotainment turn into a camera every time you turn on your signal is also very distracting.

Driving: It's pretty enjoyable to drive. The clutch and shifter feel are good, and it's extremely forgiving. And it's got enough pep to keep things interesting, at 184 hp.

The value: For a brand new car in the latest model year, I think it's an excellent value. The Sport trim is just under $22k and gets a combined 30 mpg. Plus it's a Civic, so parts are readily available and it'll last forever.

Overall, I think this is an excellent option for a daily driver, with enough room for the family, decent fuel economy, and just enough pep to make it fun. It would also be a great car to learn on, since the clutch is so forgiving. And I actually like the style of the newer Civics.
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