Honda Civic SI
Rating: 8 / 10
Power (hp):
Torque (lb-ft):
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The Civic SI has been a staple in the enthusiast community for a long time, and for good reason.

The Interior: Cloth interior, decently comfortable seats, but nothing to write home about. Has the typical funky digital dash that all the other Civics of this generation have. Decent legroom in the front and back, and good amount of trunk space. My biggest issue is that I'm 5'7" and my head was almost touching the room when I sat up straight in the driver's seat.

The Tech: Backup camera, Bluetooth, push-button start, the most annoying blind spot monitoring in the world, and the most annoying volume control in the world. Honda has decided that the infotainment screen should be used for a blind spot camera, which is ok in theory I guess, but I feel like if you're about to turn or change lanes, you should be looking in the direction you're going, rather than at your infotainment screen. This generation also has the volume slider that uses touch input, rather than a typical volume knob, and I'm not sure why anyone thought that was a good idea.

Driving: The power on this car isn't anything to write home about, but it's just enough to make it a fun daily driver at 205 hp. It has a limited slip differential, to help you out on those twisty back roads. The clutch is just about perfect, not too heavy and not too light, and moves very smoothly. The shifter is one of the best of the cars I've driven, very smooth and enjoyable to shift.

The Value: It's still a Civic, so you get Honda reliability included. Fuel economy is 22 mpg city and 31 mpg highway, on premium gas. That's not too shabby for a sporty sedan from 2015. This one is listed at $15.5k with 68k miles on it, which seems like a decent deal to me, even in these crazy times where used car prices are all sky high. Though the exterior was pretty beat up on it.

Overall, it would be an excellent car for someone that just wants a sporty daily, but doesn't need too much power. It's going to be more fun than your typical Civic, and the clutch/shifter combo is excellent. I really enjoyed driving this car, and would have rated it higher if it weren't for the tight fit in the driver's seat and the stupid volume knob.
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